Girls on Top

‘Schizo Pogo’ 7" 45rpm single

Chiku~Taku Records CHITA45 02

The A-side 'Schizo Pogo' is a catchy poptastic punk single from your loveable London trashlettes Girls On Top - a dance record with a twist. Pogo, twist, bop, or bounce on your bed, groove to the 60s garage harmonica solo and sing along with the chorus.

The B-side ‘She Didn’t Show’ with its fuzzy guitar intro, throbs threateningly with a ‘Satisfaction’-type beat.

Front cover of 'Schizo Pogo' by Girls on Top


Girls on top logo

The band are:
Vicki de Vice: harmonica/lead vocals
Neil Downe: guitar/backing vocals
Liddy Lustre: drums/backing vocals
Amanda Pukon: bass

Founded in 1996 (with Shanne from the Nipple Erectors originally on bass) the band are part of the alternative rock n' roll scene in Camden Town, London and are a mix of punk, 60s garage and a touch of glamrock with raucous riffs, humorous lyrics and infectious girly group choruses. Neil, real name Tony was originally guitarist in rebel 80s band the Deadbeats. Vicki, an ex-Rock On shop girl, is from Southend, Liddy is French and Amanda Scottish South African mix! GOT have played with the Wampas, Damned, Bellrays, Vibrators, UK Subs, Rachel Stamp, 999, Parkinsons, The Others + headlined at many venues in the UK, France + New York and thrown themselves into the pit with their torn pvc. Some of you may remember Girls On Top’s ‘Barbie Is A Smackhead’ an underground classic.

They have 3 CD LPS under their belts on their own label GOT.

Ovulater, Electroluxury and A Taste Of Cyanide 45s (500 limited edition) are available from info@acerecords.com, and CDs are available for deckless people!

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