What the papers say

fRoots 9/May 2009, Rick Sanders

"… golden and exotic 50’s dream soundtrack , still alive of the East African coast, defeating time."

Mojo Aug 2009, Dave Henderson

"…this is a cracking introduction to the popular Zanzibari interpretation of 19th century Egyptian orchestral music. "

Songlines Aug / Sept 2009, Simon Broughton

"Mohamed Ilya …is one of the great taarab singers, instrumentalists and composers.

…glitters with delicate ornamentation and incisive rhythmic panache."

Daily Telegraph 4/July 2009, Mark Hudson

"…all surging strings and jingling dulcimers – delivered with African soul and groove and a touch of Bollywood.

…swooningly ornate music…"

The Times 25/July 2009, Pete Paphides

"…ouds, violins, accordions and celestial female harmonies collide with the delicious inevitability of a Greek tragedy.

…Ilyas sings his woes like a man mired in the sadness of life but no less rapt by its beauty"

The Guardian 14/August 2009, Robin Denslow

"…The great crooner Ilyas himself

One of the great exponents of taarab, the glorious, swirling music…. a fusion between African styles and Arabic songs"

Free Media of Tanzania 12/February 2008, Munir Zakaria

Shamuhuna ahimiza taarabu asilia [written in Swahili]

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